Merry Christmas 2018 and onto 2019 in a big way!

Hello friends-- it’s Susan Henson here, founder of Pharaoh’s Daughter--thank you for sojourning with me. As we explore reentry with our moms and babies on this platform and talk about our (NC) state’s systems--good and bad--my hope and prayer is that God will use this blog as a magnifying glass to troll the depths of our hearts and shed light on dark places that cause us pain and separation from God. He is so good that way and always takes what seems like insignificant, workaday, garden variety things to teach us Truth. So be it here. I am excited to learn alongside you, and welcome comments and insights as God reveals them.

Blogging and I accidentally got to know each other when my daughter was first sentenced to prison. I was an emotional train wreck and needed a way to share what I was feeling to avoid being discovered petrified in the fetal position. What began as a handful of friends and family who were mostly interested in the welfare of my daughter, turned into a large following of dedicated prayer warriors who jointly brought the cares and concerns of Abby and her fellow prison mates to the throne room and interceded for them in prayer; one of the many gallons of lemonade made from that lemon.

Pharaoh’s Daughter is about to launch again into full-time baby care in the New Year, followed by full-time mother care later in 2019 (God help us all!). We have moved to a different county now, so perhaps things will be different--GOOD different, please! But perhaps not. It may wind up being the same struggles and road bumps we’ve encountered before. But God showed up then and will show up the next time we need Him, as well. I am SURE of that!

So welcome to the adventures of Pharaoh’s Daughter, as seen through the eyes of the executive director and chief cook and bottle washer (quite literally LOL).