Welcome Home: Beckah

We gathered at Chatham Community Church with nervous smiles and laughter. Women were darting back and forth from the kitchen preparing the buffet table so that all would be fed, stocking drinks and plates.

After 3 months of having Jaiden without his mommy, we got Jaiden with his mommy. Beckah was released from Wake Correctional that morning, which is an entire story in it of itself--so many hoops to jump through!

Every supporter, engaged donor, family member, or friend was gathered around round tables anxiously awaiting her arrival. Once she arrived there were squeals of joy, blessings uttered, and everyone wanted to hold a baby, Beckah most of all.

Watching her snuggle her little one while she listened to introductions, tears came to her eyes, she had waited a long time for this day...it was finally here.

We shared experiences, stories, truths. We cooed over babies and embraced Beckah with warm hugs and thoughtful gifts. It was a time of rejoicing, renewal and warmth.

This is what it's all about folks. The rejoining of a woman, a mother, back into society, surrounded by a community that loves and cares for not only her child, but for her as well. Some people tend to assume our core ministry is all about the babies, which that has a lot to do with it. But ultimately we are here for the moms, for the family unit itself. We are Pharaoh's Daughter, and we are here to watch our Jesus redeem families for His kingdom.

Amen and amen.