The Magic of Second Chances

The notion of second chances is a powerful and life-giving concept. Honestly, who would Jean Valjean, George Bailey, Ebenezer Scrooge, the Grinch—even Moses be without their famous second chance? Truth be told…who are you and I without our—dare I say plenty of—second chance(s)? A culture of second chances is exactly what we hope to create at Pharaoh’s Daughter.

I would like to propose to our moms at Pharaoh’s Daughter that we stop looking only at our not-so-flattering “Kodak moments” as the sum total of who we are, and start deciphering the whole picture—inside and out—to gain a better understanding of ourselves and who we’ve become. Where is that little girl inside who really wants good things out of life? Let’s work on finding her! Ok, so you’ve messed up—who hasn’t? Perhaps you’ve even egged life on and have gotten more than your share of bad stuff in return. The real question is…what are we going to do with this information? Will these experiences of life—solicited or otherwise—be our stepping stones, or our stumbling blocks? I believe all anyone is truly asking of us and our fellow transgressors is that we change--change our habits, change our attitude, change our choices. Imagine if we all began to parent our inner child to really understand the importance and impact of our choices? Would it not revolutionize our world? THIS is where we start to mend our lives…but it won’t happen if there is no belief in second chances.

Guilt, of course, is the omnipresent force that constantly whispers in our ear that we have to keep paying…and paying…and paying for all the bad things we have done. Without a “healthy dose of guilt,” as some of us may have been raised, “how can we ever really be sorry for what we’ve done?” On the contrary, I’d like to propose that this approach may not be delivering the outcome we were hoping for. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s important to feel remorse and come to a place of humble repentance for our wrongdoing, but the problem with guilt is that it keeps us afraid to try again and do better. Even our heavenly Father, Creator of the universe and maker of all its inhabitants is also the God of second chances. During this Easter season, we are reminded of this. Knowing and seeing how “wayward” the tendencies of humanity are, He just couldn’t stand for us to only get one chance at it…so He devised a plan; a plan for a second chance…a plan that would bring His kids HOME! It’s the only thing a love-sick Dad could do!

This hopeful message of second chances is just what our Pharaoh’s Daughter moms need to hear. A powerful message like this can produce a paradigm shift that can and WILL change lives—it has for centuries! It’s the spark plug to start a whole new and different generation of children whose sights are set to follow footsteps into success, not into prison!!! For this message to reach these vulnerable moms and kids, Pharaoh’s Daughter has to become a real place, with real moms and real babies. See below for ways you can plug into Pharaoh’s Daughter and help us open our warehouse of second chances to dole out to those who need one…and thank you for being a Friend of Pharaoh’s Daughter. Find someone to offer a second chance to...even if it's yourself! ~Susan