PBO First Sunday: November

Street vendors, food, puppies and babies! Pittsboro 1st Sunday has it all. We hung out with Skyler, Jaiden and Beckah and let people know who we were and why we were there.

Babies babies everywhere!

We also love where our booth is positioned. Why? Because of Chris over at Spalted Craftsman Turned Wood is the kindest neighbor and has agreed to give us a few things to give away in contests to raise some money for PD. What a blessing! He makes beautiful pieces, he's self taught, local to PBO, and check out his work...I mean come ON. 😍

Pick up something for Christmas at the next First Sunday, December 3rd!

Say hi to Chris next time you're at PBO 1st Sunday.

We are always here to help and answer questions about PD. Trust me, we never get tired of asking your questions because the more aware our community is of women and prison babies the better! Please see our FAQ or send us an email, we can't wait to chat with you.

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