Band, BLT's & Babies

One of our main missions here at Pharaoh's Daughter is keeping the bond between mother and baby. It's not easy but it's life saving, to both mom and baby. We take weekly trips with babies in tow to visit their mommas even when we've been up all night, even when they blow out a diaper right before getting in the car, and even when we simply don't feel like it. (Raising kids is so sanctifying, am I right?)

Once a week is amazing and we see these babies and mommas alike regenerate, grow in hope, and keep their bond strong. However, it's also not enough. For those of you who are mothers, think about how much you are holding them close those first few months, their total dependance, palpable. We worry from time to time that although we are caring for them as we do our own, we are surely a lackluster substitute for mom.

The Lord knows our hearts, He hears our cry for community and warm arms to wrap around these children and we think He snuggles them in His own way. How? By providing a group of people like you to be constant through volunteering your gifts and time.

Two Saturday's ago we sat in Merritt's Store and Grill surrounded by the chatter of about 35+ people there to hear some good music, to worship, and to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

So thank you for being that answered prayer. Thank you for being that grandma Sky doesn't have available, or that father figure for Jaiden.

So the next time you're with us at an event, volunteering at Susan's, see us at church, or at PBO 1st Sunday, and you find yourself with a sniffly little bundle of joy?

Remember that you are the arms of Jesus.

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