The Faithful, the Few


Susan Henson

Founder & President

Susan is our fearless leader. She rocks babies to sleep and runs everything behind the scenes, but as she always says, "God gave me the vision! I'm just following the lead!"

Diane Henson

Founding Board Member

Diane, Susan's sister, has been here from the beginning. Between caring for babies and scheduling volunteers she keeps busy.

Dolores Creamer

Grant Research, Fundraising & Chief Fiscal Officer

Dee keeps herself busy between working at a local dog boarding facility and researching for PD. Fundraising is no joke and Dee works hard to make it happen.

Amanda Auler

Social Media & Web Management

Amanda works hard behind the scenes to get the word out about Pharaoh's Daughter through social media and online communication. She and her husband have been married for 4 years and she currently stays home with her young son.

Barbara Gavalier

Board Member and Director

​“Rock the babies” God commanded her in 2014. She didn’t know exactly which babies or where-Haiti? Kenya? or some other far away place? No, right here in Pittsboro, NC with Pharoah’s Daughter.

Colleen Spiller

Board Member

After a career in the nursing field Colleen has cut back her hours to leave room for more things like Pharaoh's Daughter. She's looking forward to jumping on board in whatever way possible.

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