Dolores served for 23 years in the US Air Force.  During that time, she attended night school and received a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.  Also during that time she developed her leadership and management skills, culminating with her leading a multi-agency Department of Defense working group.  Her skills were honed as she mediated resolution of differences and brought about consensus on forward direction.

Why Pharaoh’s Daughter? 

I’ve been writing to incarcerated women for a few years, and continue to write to them after they leave prison.  I’ve been touched by how difficult it is for them when they get out and try to turn their lives around.  I have also seen how sometimes their children wind up following in their footsteps, including going to prison for the same sort of offenses as their parents.  The deck is stacked against them, and I’d like to change that in any way I can.