Russ Taylor has twenty years of experience organizing teams of people from different backgrounds to develop effective systems and procedures.  He managed federal grants funding computer scientists to develop software and workflow for four teams.  He is currently the vice president of technology systems for Redbud Labs, a spin-off company to commercialize the microscopy research.

Russ has also been actively involved in the A/V ministries of two churches over this same time period.  He was the chairman of the A/V subcommittee of the new facility committee when the Chapel Hill Bible Church built its current worship center.  He was a member of the pastor-search team for Chatham Community Church (CCC).  He was the team leader for the audio team for CCC, managing a team of six that sets up, tears down, and operates the audio during worship each week.

Russ has board-of-director and management experience in three start-up companies that he co-founded: Rheomics (listed above), MegaWatt Solar (a utility-scale concentrated photovoltaic company), and nanoManipulator, Inc. (another UNC spin-off company). He has served on the organizing committees of several international conferences and scientific review boards as well as on various University steering committees.


Why Pharaoh’s Daughter? 


I have a heart for helping those who want to turn their lives around and find ways to support their families.