Born and raised in Winston Salem, N.C., Kathryn moved to Raleigh as a young adult where she received a Bachelor’s Degree at NCSU and later a Juris Doctor Degree from NCCU-School of Law.  She has been a practicing attorney for almost 30 years with a concentration in Family Law.  When not working she enjoys spending time with her dogs.  She sees herself as someone on a Spiritual Quest, always striving to learn how she may be of service to others though her connection with God.

Why Pharaoh’s Daughter? 


I have worked with women in prison in several capacities.  As a volunteer and past attorney for the Women’s Center of Raleigh I lead workshops for women in prison as well as volunteering to go into the prison and take 12 step Recovery meetings.  I’ve also worked with individuals transitioning out of prison to help them remain active in Recovery.  I believe it is extremely important to help women break the cycle that may have lead them to prison and to be the best mother possible for their children.