Amanda sprouted in upstate NY, was groomed in central PA, and grew roots right here in central NC where she is wife to Nathanael and mother to Theodore; oh and a few cats, too. She is 24 and has a love for coffee, videography and writing. She has spent three years as a missionary, two of them with Encounter Revival Ministries and one year with Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf in Puerto Rico. After her time there, she moved to NC and got married to Nate in 2014. Since buying a house in April 2017 and having their son in May of 2017, they have kept busy!

Why Pharaoh’s Daughter? 


I was 8 months pregnant when I found out about PD and I cried and cried. Whether it was hormones or empathy or both, who knows, but I knew I wanted to help. Once Theo was born I reconnected with them through a neighbor and decided that I wanted to help! My generation relies so heavily on social media, and although I'm no expert, I knew I could make a difference and expand PD's following. Pharaoh's Daughter is not just putting a Band-Aid on a problem, they are going in and doing major surgery to fix it from the inside out. It's exactly what our Heavenly Father does with us and I am so happy to be a part of it!