We strive for every woman and child that comes through our program to be shown a productive and rewarding way to live outside of poverty, incarceration, and recidivism.


We provide hope for pregnant incarcerated women and their babies in breaking the generational cycle of poverty, incarceration, and recidivism.


Prison Mom

"Knowing my baby was with Susan and Pharaoh's Daughter was the number one thing that kept me at peace in prison."


Baby Care

We house and care for the babies born to inmates from their birth to the release of their mother. This includes everything that comes with being a surrogate parent; from nightly feedings to tummy time! However, the most important part of Baby Care is weekly visits to their mother, this keeps the bond strong between mom and baby and motivates mom to succeed.

Mom Care

 We mentor both mom and baby for two years following their incarceration stressing a whole family unit mentality and success through mental, physical, and spiritual health. These steps are tailored to each mother and they include obtaining a GED, working a job, going to counseling, and living by a schedule to effectively manage their new life style. 

Day Care

Once mom is out working a consistent job providing for her family, we act as a daycare where they can leave their child in the hands of people they have grown to love and trust.

Behind the Scenes

We are the everyday "Janes and Joes" who are working tirelessly in the background to break the cycle of crime in families and provide housing, structure, and family care to single mothers leaving prison. From discussions with our senator to seeing that laws are changed in favor of pregnant, incarcerated women and their children, to daily fundraising and canvasing, we are hard at work!


Volunteer Your Time

From snuggling babies to advocating we have a job for you! You don't even have to live in NC.

Dollar Bill in Jar


Whether feeding little babes or housing mommas it all costs quite a bit. We can use monthly or one-time giving, click below!

Painted Heart

Partner with Us

We're looking for individuals and businesses to parter with us both in programs and in goods. Get involved now.


We would love to speak at your next event, small group, or church.